Monday, July 22, 2013

Advice from Dani Johnson Regarding Stealing Time

Between her Monday night strategy calls, radio show broadcasts, training program development, book signings, and live seminars, our favorite multimillionaire Dani Johnson has not stopped running all year. Even Dani is surprised by how quickly time is passing. Her five children are all grown up and she will become a grandmother for the fifth time in November. Dani recently commented about how quickly these things happen and provided advice about catching up with time.

Many of us feel like time controls us. Whether it is work, school, or home, we are expected to be somewhere during every moment. Time quickly becomes our master and we lose control of our lives. This is a frustrating feeling but it can be stopped. Dani explains that to dominate time, we must steal it.

Dani and her husband Hans learned this from a former martial arts teacher named Damien who became a mentor to Hans in Hawaii. Damien explained to the two that time sometimes runs faster than we can keep up, causing life to run away with us. To combat this, we must steal time back from life. What does this mean? It means that when we have meetings, appointments, and other obligations but when our children or spouses want family time, we should make it.

Everyone is busy and we all have some type of work to do, whether within a corporate office, at school, or as part of a legitimate home business. However, we must devote time to the people in our lives whenever we can. Spending precious moments with loved ones is just as important because it helps us to enjoy life. Quality time with family and friends cannot be replaced and is essential to a fulfilling life.

Children remember the quality moments their parents spend with them. When they grow up, they take the same approach with their children. Making a point to steal time from life teaches children that work and academic achievement are not the only important things. Interpersonal relationships make us well-rounded and our personal support systems help us through difficult times. If we have the right people around us, there is almost nothing we cannot do. Dani and Hans have achieved their dreams with help from mentors who were much more than business associates…they were friends.

Dani encourages us to steal time from life whenever we can. She knows first-hand how this leads to a happier life. When their next grandchild arrives, we bet that Dani and Hans will be stealing time to spend with the bundle of joy. These moments are precious and they do not repeat themselves. We must recognize opportunities to steal time and take advantage of them.

Taking a more efficient approach to professional achievement can make it easier to steal time from life. Dani offers several training programs for people who want to be more successful in their careers or start their own businesses. These incorporate her approach to work-life balance, allowing trainees to steal precious time without sacrificing other aspects of life.

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