Friday, July 27, 2012

Making Fear A Four-Letter Word

Every one of us deals with fear or self-doubt in our lifetimes. Even the most self-confident people experience these rather unpleasant emotions. Those who are able to overcome these insecurities tend to achieve the most success in life. This is because we only experience the freedom of being ourselves when we tackle fear. You must deal with your fears in order to become the best home based business owner, employee, friend, spouse, or parent.

Some people give the impression of being self-assured and self-confident. People on the other side of the fence are typically envious and want to know the secrets these other folks have learned. The reality is that none of us knows what the other is experiencing internally. We only see what another person wants us to see and we develop our impression of the individual based on that.

Self-doubt causes many people to stop themselves from pursuing greatness in their careers and personal lives. You can stay out of this category by following several tips when feelings of insecurity and fearfulness rear their ugly heads. The first is to remember that these feelings are normal and experienced by many other people. if you are undertaking a new or exciting venture, you should experience some fear.

Remaining busy is one way to put fear in its place. When we are busier, we tend to be more self-confident. People who have free time to think about themselves and explore negative feelings usually wind up doubting themselves. Fill your calendar with appointments, meetings, and social engagements to keep introspection time to a minimum.

Fear is sometimes an indication of things that should be done. Therefore, embracing it can have big benefits. One of the best ways to increase confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. For example, call on a previously unsatisfied customer, identify their issues, and address these. Even if this does not yield the expected result, you will be pleased that you tackled the situation rather than hiding from it.

People who experience the most success in life are not comfort-seekers. In fact, they are the opposite. They are willing to do things that make them the most uncomfortable in order to reach their goals. When we strive for familiarity and a comfortable feeling, we settle for less than our potential. To enrich our business and personal lives, we must go beyond our comfort zones and make the uncomfortable feel comfortable.

You do not need to be a creative or intellectual genius to be successful, you just need to make a big effort. By taking more action than the average person takes, you will come out a winner. This heightened level of activity produces results. A single action is not enough to overcome fear or create success. Determine the activity level you think is required to achieve your goals and then put forth an effort that is ten times this. Fear will become a speck in the rear-view mirror as you zoom down the road to success.

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