Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Sean Belnick On The Next Episode Of Secret Millionaire

Sean Belnick is just 24 years old but he is already a millionaire. This young entrepreneur achieved success after starting BizChair, an online furniture distribution company. The venture began with a focus on office chairs and has expended into other types of furniture. In 2011, annual company sales exceeded $70 million…not bad for a work at home business!

If you think Belnick is young now, you will be shocked to learn that he started BizChair when he was only 14. While other teenagers were playing afterschool sports, Belnick was developing a business plan. Self-characterized as “an aggressive businessman,” Belnick said he is always undertaking new initiatives and is not afraid of risk. To be so successful in the current economy, he must have a tendency to put something on the line in order to make a profit.

This young entrepreneur created success by seeing what other companies did wrong. He created a company that bypassed retail furniture stores and allowed customers to deal directly with the manufacturer. Belnick used a Yahoo store account to ship furniture from the furniture manufacturing business that employed his stepfather directly to its customers. The venture required only $500 in advertising and grew quickly.

This business was initially headquartered in the teen’s bedroom and featured 50 to 100 products. After six years, BizChair had 75 employees and offered more than 25,000 products representing approximately 200 manufacturers. The company now has a 327,000-foot warehouse and also offers furniture for homes and schools as well as medical equipment, with free shipping and below-list prices for most items.

Belnick said he was eager to participate in Secret Millionaire because his charity and community giving did not match his level of success. He viewed the show as a chance to increase his charitable efforts in terms of time spent and a major financial donation. This millionaire did not approach the experience expecting to learn anything specific but he claims to have learned a lot about community-focused organizations and himself.
A week in Brooklyn was enough to create a connection with organizations that benefit the community. 

Belnick said he now understands the impact of human touch on these groups. During his time in Brooklyn, the millionaire went undercover to find unrecognized heroes of the September 11th terrorist attacks. He met several firefighters who were still suffering from the devastating aftermath of the tragic events. A group of children with at least one parent in jail also served as an inspiration to Belnick on his quest to give back to others.

The Secret Millionaire episode featuring Sean Belnick airs on Sunday, July 29, at 8 PM Eastern Time. Viewers say that witnessing how this show changes lives is the best part of watching it. Belnick did his part by donating a portion of his fortune to groups he deemed worthy. This young millionaire plans to expand his company and with his new altruistic side, is likely to continue contributing some of its profits to worthy causes like those he discovered while taping the ABC television episode.

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