Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Four-Year Plan From Dani Johnson

As U.S. President Barack Obama prepares for another four years in office, Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire is releasing her own four-year plan. This details the personal approach she will take over the next four years. For the past eight years, Dani has achieved much success with this plan so she figures there is no reason to change it. The best part is, the plan is generic enough for any of us to use.

Step 1 involves prayer, but a unique kind of prayer. Most people consider prayer a crutch. Some do not have faith and others do not take action. Real prayer involves commitment and delivers results. Dani believes that people must be “all in” when praying and this requires backing prayers with action and faith. If people are not all in, there is no reason for God to be. Back prayer for a debt-free life with action by taking steps to live on less money each week.

Dani practices what she preaches (pardon the pun) by teaching people how to succeed. She shows them how to achieve success in business, finances, and their personal lives. She even shows those raising children how to groom this future generation for success. Dani takes the Biblical statement that laziness is wickedness very seriously. You will never catch her being lazy, nor will you see her practicing other wicked ways.

The second step in this millionaire’s plan involves working her post and her position. Dani plans to continue working diligently and with excellence. She has a goal of advancing her skills over the next four years. Most importantly, she plans to exhibit morality, wisdom, truth, and true knowledge. Many people are positioned to shape those around them in a positive way. Unfortunately, they may not realize this and spend their time wishing for a better life. Instead, they should be building that life. 

This is heavy stuff, friends, and it does not get lighter with Step 3, which involves advancing through the nine stages of faith. Dani, you, and I are currently in one of these stages and some of us have been stuck in the same one for years. Stages range from whiny newborn, to gullible student, to having solid, mature faith. As we activate our faith and take action, we move through the nine stages.

Giving to others in need is the final step in the four-year plan that Dani has established. Dani and her husband already volunteer to raise money for the elderly, sick, orphans, and widows. She plans to continue making money for these groups and others who cannot care for themselves. Many people have faith and some are true believers but very few are giving.

What would happen if each of us followed this four-year plan? If we took action on what we prayed for, if we worked our position in life, if we moved through the stages of faith, and if we gave to those in need, the world sure would be a different place! Dani has laid out the plan…all we need to do is follow it.

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