Saturday, November 17, 2012

Resolve To Work Less But Do More This Season

The hectic pace of the holiday season has begun and those who cannot keep up will be left behind. Most who manage to get on the holiday train will be tired, frustrated, and stressed by the time New Year’s Day arrives. Things do not need to be this way. We can actually work less but do more during the holidays and throughout the new year.

Successful people are typically productive people. They manage to create six figure income with their own businesses while raising families and enjoying personal and work life balance. What is their secret? They make the most of every moment. Every second is harnessed in the most effective way possible. This does not mean working their fingers to the bone, it means working smartly and with the help of others. Positive results come to those who develop team synergy, both at home and at work.

Productivity requires a diligent and determined approach. Highly productive people break big goals into the smallest components. By completing a series of specific tasks, they make quick progress toward objectives. Follow their lead and break personal and career goals into small chunks and get to work crossing these off the to-do list. Avoid distractions that can steer you off the desired path. Focus, focus, focus!

Multi-tasking may seem like an excellent way to accomplish more each day. However, quick switches between tasks are not effective. Studies show that people who change tasks more than ten times within a day lose an average of ten IQ points. Being “dumber” will certainly make it more difficult to complete a task. Multitasking men have an even more difficult time than women will because their IQ declines by an average of 15 points, while women experience an average decline of only five points.

Scheduling email time seems counterintuitive but it is recommended to improve productivity. Designate two or three periods during the day as “email time” and stay out of the inbox during other times. If more than two replies are needed to conclude an email conversation, use the phone. Email is not intended for lengthy discussions and the telephone allows you to achieve more in less time. Phone time has its place, just like everything else, so turn off the phone when working on daily tasks.

Most people begin their days by checking email, which can be a huge mistake. Within minutes, someone else has determined the direction of the day. Prioritizing daily tasks before beginning the workday and sticking to this agenda without fail keeps the day productive. To be most effective at whatever we do, all we need are healthy meals, fluids, and a to-do list.

More glucose is consumed by a working brain than any other activity in the body. Glucose supply is typically expended after 60 to 90 minutes, which means working in longer intervals is not productive. Take regular breaks by having a snack, going for a short walk, or just reading a few pages of a magazine and do not work through lunch.

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