Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Favorite Secret Millionaire Helps Us Reduce Holiday Stress

Gone is the era when holidays meant spending time quietly with family, appreciating life and love. These days, we rush around purchasing expensive gifts and stress about preparing the finest holiday meal. The excitement of the holiday season has turned into stress on our wallets and ourselves. Everything seems to demand our attention and the pressure can become too much. Our favorite Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson helps us put things in perspective so we can enjoy the holidays again.

Dani offers excellent advice for avoiding holiday pitfalls that create anxiety and can lead to financial trouble. Most people do not want to increase their stress level or accumulate debt during the holidays. To avoid these, we must stick to a plan that helps us avoid the temptations that the season brings. This approach can even help us decrease debt, achieve our goals, and help others do the same things. Wouldn’t it be nice to join the two percent of the population that is financially comfortable? Santa could not bring a better gift!

What is the secret to a successful holiday season and future? Learning what most of the population is doing and do the opposite. To start, approximately 51 percent of consumers plan to shop on Black Friday. They will use hard-earned dollars to purchase unneeded items simply because these items are on sale. Buying something at a reduced price is not saving money. We can only save money if we do not spend it. So, put down the Black Friday shopping ads and apply your money to financial and career goals.

Purchasing gifts out of obligation is a bad move unless the recipient is actually in need. Throughout the year, many people need food and clothing to survive. We should put a purpose to money we have and focus on them. Paying a utility bill, purchasing food, or buying clothing for those in need is a rewarding way to spend extra cash.

The holidays have the ability to consume us if we let them. They detract us from our goals of becoming debt-free and improving our careers. January arrives in an instant and we find ourselves having accomplished nothing since September. We must stay on track and make goal achievement top priority for the end of the year.

Parties, shopping, and personal and financial issues make the holiday season feel very busy. This leads to stress, which is not healthy. Dani tells us to take a step back and reflect. We should not forget what this season is about: being thankful for people and opportunities. This is the time to celebrate our accomplishments and establish goals for the future.

Whether we want to lose weight, improve personal relationships, get out of debt, or start a work at home business to improve our careers, now is the time to set 2013 goals. While others are shopping themselves into debt and stressing about impressing their families, we will be avoiding the pressures of the financial season and give back to others. It is time to become part of the two percent!

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