Monday, December 31, 2012

The Secret To Achieving Big, Audacious Goals

Anyone who knows anything about Dani Johnson realizes that she is not shy about setting goals. This once homeless single mother is now happily married with a houseful of children. She went from being broke to making millions from several businesses she started from scratch. Dani has been interviewed on television and in magazines, hosts two weekly radio shows, and even starred in an episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television. Each of these achievements is based on a goal she established.

Not everyone wants to appear on television, radio, or in magazines. However, many people would love to earn a 6 figure income like Dani does. Some of them may be reading this and thinking, “Yes, I would but I will never be able to do it.” Stop right there! That negative thinking is the first barrier to goal achievement. Changing the perspective from negative to positive opens up a world of possibilities. Establish big hopes and dreams and set big goals that correspond with them and the sky will be the limit.

A huge goal may seem impossible to achieve even to someone with the most optimistic outlook. So, how do we attain or even exceed goals that are much bigger than us? We involve others and achieve the objectives together. This requires placing faith in other people and trusting them to do what they have committed to, turning promises into action. When everyone works together, a synergy is created that makes it possible to achieve more than each person could do alone.

Doubt may creep in at times along the path to goal achievement. This is natural considering how large the goals are but doubt is quickly overcome by determination. Dani admits that there were times when she doubted whether she would make it. Having less than three dollars in the bank was not a very encouraging sign. But, she continued to believe that she could change her life for the better and that helped her make it happen.

A belief in something bigger than we normally think we can do is the secret to success, says the millionaire. Achieving it requires working as a team focused on action rather than merely talk. When people band together to do great things with their lives, they receive more power to achieve their big, audacious goals.

Belief is a powerful tool because it can turn dreams into reality. Dani has experienced this first-hand and with the thousands of others she has helped. This entrepreneur has shown people how to get out of debt and further their careers to unimaginable levels. She believes in each and every person she helps and when those people believe in themselves and others, the results are amazing.

Take a moment to establish some big, audacious goals for 2013. Then, get to work achieving them with the help of others. When doubt creeps in, push through it, letting your belief in achievement serve as a guide. Soon, you will be in the enviable position of achieving something that you never believed you could.

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