Friday, January 4, 2013

Experts Say There Is No Shame In Starting Small

When we look at millionaire entrepreneurs like Jeff Usner and Dani Johnson, we tend to think they stumbled upon a pot of gold. To the contrary, both of them were once tens of thousands of dollars in debt just like many other people are right now. What they possessed was a desire to get themselves out of this situation, even if it meant starting small. Though bigger may be better in terms of ultimate goals, there is no shame in starting small.

Both Jeff and Dani got started with a legitimate home business that did not earn millions from the get-go. They set small, incremental goals and worked diligently to create something from nothing. With this approach and the right tools, they created massive empires that continue to generate cash on a daily basis. Doing what they love is like the icing on the cake and how sweet it is! Who would not want to look forward to each day of work?

Jeff tells his fans to start small and build on what they have to make more. Over time, he says, a little will become a lot. Turning the first $100 in income into a $1,000 may seem like a small accomplishment but when it happens, it is a proud day. Imagine taking that $1,000 and turning it into $5,000 and that into $10,000…eventually, you are generating six figures and have repaid debts that were lingering for years.

The start of the year is the perfect time to shift the perspective when it comes to making money. Rather than working day in and day out to pad the pocket of someone else, why not start your own business? If this seems scary, follow the advice of Jeff, Dani, and the many other people who have found success with their own companies. The ranks are growing because many workers are tired of the daily insecurity of a corporate job.

As people branch out on their own, they become the masters of their destinies. This is an exciting undertaking but it can also be scary so finding a mentor is recommended. This may come in the form of someone who has achieved entrepreneurial success or it may involve following a step-by-step training program proven to generate results. Books written by experts like Jeff and Dani provide additional tips and techniques for beginning entrepreneurs.

Though it is important to keep long-term goals in mind, short-term objectives are just as essential. These small accomplishments are what make the loftier ones possible. They serve as stepping stones, helping entrepreneurs to build upon their success. Each tiny achievement should be noted and celebrated because it is worthwhile.

After just one year in business, some entrepreneurs find themselves living better than they ever thought possible. This means that by the end of 2013, you could be debt-free and running a company that provides a steadily increasing income for doing something you enjoy. Start small, celebrate the little achievements, and prepare for the bigger ones to come!

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