Monday, December 17, 2012

Appreciating Each Other Overcomes Entitlement

Chances are, you know a few workers who think their bosses owe them something. In many cases, these are employers of your work at home business. Perhaps you are a boss who feels entitled to whatever workers deliver without expressing any gratitude. Entitlement can be a major issue in the workforce, causing frustration for all who encounter it. People with an attitude of entitlement tend to be ungrateful and those who interact with them are usually frustrated. A simple expression of appreciation can break this cycle.

When workers receive certain things, their reaction is sometimes different than expected. If they receive what they feel was owed to them, they are not likely to be grateful. Rather than viewing the situation as a blessing, they simply accept it without expressing any gratitude, thanks, or other appreciation. In some cases, they have no reaction at all, acting as if the event never happened.

This lack of appreciation can be frustrating to those doing the bestowing. It can also have a negative effect on people with the entitlement attitude. People negatively affect themselves when they do not have an appreciative mindset or emotions. Not only do they destroy their own confidence, they influence their perspective on life, which can alter their future. Sealing your fate before embarking on the journey is a very 
bad way to live.

An employee with an entitlement attitude views most things as payment for services already rendered. The truth is that someone took a great risk by hiring that worker. Even before that, the individual took a huge risk by starting the business. This entrepreneur then brought in others to help that business succeed. Each day, both the business owner and the workers face issues and challenges. When problems cannot be anticipated and solved proactively, they must be dealt with before they become major issues.

Each of these actions is an accomplishment and should be recognized with gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. There is no room for entitlement in a business environment. Employers and employees of all sizes of businesses should discard attitudes of entitlement before reaching the office. They should instead appreciate what each other contributes to the business and express this appreciation openly and honestly. This is what will set them apart from 98 percent of the workforce.

Entrepreneurs are expected to lead by example. They should appreciate what each employee brings to the table and express their gratitude with words throughout the year, not just with a bonus during the holidays. A simple “thank you,” or “great job,” is priceless to an employee who wants to create a great impression. When workers see their bosses showing gratitude, they will do the same.

If you are an entrepreneur, take a moment to thank your staff and everyone else who has helped to grow your business. If you are a worker, thank your boss for hiring and continuing to employ you. Continuing to express thanks throughout the year will transform the company culture into one that nurtures and develops everyone at all levels.

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