Monday, February 18, 2013

Dani Johnson Interviewed On Urban Jazz Radio

While most of us were enjoying the day off on Presidents’ Day, Dani Johnson was busy appearing on a radio talk show. Consultant, professional trainer, inspirational speaker, and certified life coach Andrea Graham asked Dani to spend 45 minutes with her on this patriotic day. Andrea has spent more than two decades developing the spiritual, personal, and professional lives of others so Dani was the perfect choice of guest for her show. Both professionals make it their life missions to help others excel and achieve their dreams.

The Andrea Graham Show is broadcast on Urban Jazz Radio every Monday from 12 to 3 PM GMT and is designed for listeners who want to make big changes in their lives. Guests encourage listeners to remain true to themselves while taking steps to better their situations. Whether listeners need help discovering what they want from life or require assistance with taking the steps to achieve it, this show provides important information.

 Dani was ready, willing, and able to convey valuable advice and guidance to listeners in all stages of this transformative process. If you did not listen to this show live, you should not have to wait long for Dani to post a link to the audio recording on her website. The message that Dani and Andrea shared is important so take time to listen.

Whether we choose to implement it or it is thrust upon us, change is inevitable. Being prepared and having the tools to make change a positive development allow us to grow. Who better to provide inspiration than Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire star and creator of several personal development businesses?  

Our world is a hectic place and there are many distractions on the road to success. If we follow these diversions, we can quickly get off track. Dani and Andrea know what it takes to follow through with making big changes despite these distractions. Every day, they show other people how to be true to themselves through life changes despite pressure. Many of us are our own worst critics and these two personal development experts teach us how to prevent that inner voice from derailing us.

Everyone could use some motivation and empowerment every now and then. Some of us are stimulated by challenges while others require direction. Whatever type of person you are, the message that Dani offers will inspire. Even more, it will instigate much-needed changes and spark innovative ideas that lead to success. Whether we want to improve our personal, professional, or spiritual lives, Dani provides valuable guidance.

Making big changes requires motivation and perseverance. The process is one of continued growth and there is no room for self-doubt. Whether you are just beginning the journey of personal transformation or are stuck in a rut along the way, Dani provides the tips and tools to get you moving. Look for the audio recording of her latest radio interview and listen to The Dani Johnson Show, broadcast on local radio stations nationwide on Sundays at 9 PM ET and Wednesdays at 12 PM ET.

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