Saturday, February 16, 2013

People Are The Key To Success…Treat Them Respectfully

A recently published article revealed the negative effects of Facebook on some users. This article explained that after spending time on Facebook, some people feel rejected, lonely, and even depressed. While many of us enjoy the opportunities for interaction that Facebook provides, some of us have very bad experiences with the social networking site. Though Facebook does not intend to deliver a negative experience, some people use it as an opportunity to bash others.

When we see others face-to-face, a simple observation of their body language should reveal whether they have negative feelings toward us.  Unfortunately, this assessment cannot be made when dealing with people online. Some people tend to write things that they would never say to our faces. If they write these things in a Facebook post, the message will be seen by a large group of people.

This serves as food for thought as we may be guilty of being looser with words when writing than when speaking. Do you find it easier to “slam” someone when you do not have to look that person in the eye while doing it? Some people will answer this question affirmatively and we advise them to think twice because you never know who may be observing. Expanding personal and professional influence relies on others. Many people do not wish to deal with someone who bashes others in writing.

It takes time, effort, and diligence to expand professional influence. A person does not create six figure income overnight. People must work hard to build and maintain the professional relationships that enable them to be successful. Maintaining a professional demeanor is necessary when attempting to expand influence and this does not involve disrespecting other people in writing on social media sites (or in any other format, for that matter).

Other people help us create the success we strive for in life. In essence, the money we earn comes from them. If others do not trust, like, or want to work with or be around us, the road to the top will be a long one. Everything we say should draw others toward use and expand our influence, not chase them away and shrink it. This means that we should think before we type a single character and if the message will not be an attractive one, it is better left unwritten.

We all know someone who is always criticizing, correcting, complaining, and condemning others. This person is not a joy to be around. In fact, we often try to avoid such people whenever possible. We should take this to heart and make ourselves people who believe in others and build relationships with them.

Influence is not something to squander, though not everyone understands this. It should be used wisely to develop relationships, gain trust, and advocate for others. Review the Facebook messages posted by others in your network and emulate the positive ones, while identifying the authors of the negative sentiments as folks who could benefit from some positive influencing in the future.

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