Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dani Johnson Exposes Her Financial Mistakes As Life Lessons

For Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire guest appearances and entrepreneurial success came after decades of financial mistakes. Dani may now be living an ideal life but things were once very different. This self-made millionaire recently shared her financial mistakes  via her website in the hope that others would learn from her mistakes. After reading this, anyone will be amazed at what this entrepreneur has and continues to achieve.

During her first decade of business, Dani made enough money for others to call her “rich.” In just two years, she went from homelessness to being a millionaire. However, she spent the money as fast as she earned it. Her mistake was believing that the money would continue to roll in indefinitely. Unfortunately, she had not learned from the first time her savings was embezzled and it happened again. She was left with many expensive possessions but no way to pay the $50,000 monthly overhead for her business expenses and payroll.

Dani and her husband Hans picked themselves up and rebuilt. Unfortunately, this was not the last time they would need to do this. They accumulated one million dollars in debt, move to their third dream home, spent more money, and then the bottom dropped out. In a single day, Hans lost their life savings through the stock market and Dani was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition. The couple knew that something had to change and it must begin with them.

What transformed their lives from an endless cycle of get rich-accumulate debt-lose it all to a slow and steady climb to the top? A single financial law stating that if people are faithful with what they are given, they will receive more in the future. To this point, Dani had not been faithful with the money she was given. As a result, it was taken away, causing financial ruin, pain, suffering, and stress.

Dani is not the only American who has been unfaithful. Governmental debt tops 16 trillion dollars and increases every day. From the 1950s to 2012, U.S. household debt increased from almost nothing to $13 trillion. The government has not been faithful and neither have its citizens. Those who have been faithful receive what is taken from others. We must decide which group to join and those who follow Dani will be on the winning side.

It begins with being faithful with what we have. As Dani illustrates, financial responsibility can be learned even by someone whose past is filled with unemployment and debt. All it takes is following a proven method that gets us on the right track. Small successes soon lead to bigger ones and eventually, our lives are transformed.

To some people, this may sound like a bunch of hooey. Those folks should listen to stories of others who have been through the worst and managed to turn their lives around. After all, it is better to learn from their mistakes than experience these blunders ourselves. With the proper guidance, any of us can achieve success without the pain.

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