Monday, May 21, 2012

Do Not Miss Dani Johnson’s KLGO Radio Interview Today!

On May 21, self-made millionaire Dani Johnson will be a guest on the Life Matters radio show on KLGO The Word. The show airs from 7:30 to 8:30 PM Central Time on the Austin, Texas-based Christian FM talk radio station. Dani will be speaking about foster care and adoption so tune in or listen to a live stream of the broadcast through the KLGO website.

The Life Matters show is hosted by Mariah Wilde and airs Monday through Friday. Foster care and adoption are the ongoing topics. Every night, Mariah hosts a new special guest that has valuable information to offer so listeners can get an inside look at adoptive and foster care. They also learn more about Family Link, the 
organization that Mariah founded and directs.

Family Link is a non-profit licensed adoption and foster care agency. The organization works with Child Protective Services to find homes for exploited, neglected, and abused children. Mariah herself is a foster and adoptive parent. After seeing how many children needed safe and loving adoptive or foster homes, she decided to do more by establishing Family Link.

The organization provides insurance, reimbursement for foster care, free adoptions, and tuition for state college attendance. The Family Link website is packed with information about becoming a foster or adoptive family and volunteering. It also details upcoming events including training, retreats, and work weekends at a real ranch.

Tune in to KLGO on Monday night to hear what Dani has to contribute to the conversation. She is an expert on debt management and family finances so she will probably provide helpful tips for adoptive and foster families. She may even explain how anyone can create a sound financial plan to adopt or foster a child. As a mother of five, Dani knows what it takes to raise a family so follow her advice!

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