Friday, May 18, 2012

Turn Wishes And Hopes Into Action By Eliminating Excuses

Every day should be viewed as a new beginning. Most of us have dreams and wishes but few of us do anything to turn them into reality. We wish that we could get out of debt and we dream of being millionaires. Unfortunately, we have far too many excuses that prevent us from living debt-free and earning a seven figure income.

Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire television show star, recently revealed why we have excuses, or what she refers to as “well-planned lies.” At one of her training events, she explained that we have excuses because we can afford to have them. Common sense tells us that we cannot create desirable results without taking the right actions. However, we continue to make excuses to prevent ourselves from taking any action.

Some people offer every excuse under the sun regarding their lack of effort toward goal achievement. They are too busy, cannot afford it, and on and on. If they realized that they do need to reinvent the wheel to achieve their goals, their excuses would fall by the wayside. All they must do is follow in the footsteps of a mentor.

People like Dani are looking for others to follow their lead. They would love to teach others what they have learned because there is enough success to go around. However, they are not willing to listen to excuses. They will spend as much time as necessary teaching others but they expect their students to follow through.

People who are serious about achieving success see this opportunity for what it really is: the chance of a lifetime. They absorb the information like sponges and go out into the world to make their mark. Excuses become bad words to them because there is too much to achieve in life and they want to do it all.

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