Thursday, May 31, 2012

James Malinchak, Star Of Secret Millionaire, Season Two

Many people are familiar with James Malinchak because this millionaire has helped them in some way. Some have been clients of his business, which coaches, trains, consults, and offers seminars to professionals. Others have been on the receiving end of his large donations to charitable causes. Malinchak also has the attention of the media, as his business was a recent feature story in the Millionaire Blueprints business publication. In addition to being a top U.S. marketing consultant, Malinchak is a popular author and star of the big screen.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Malinchak worked as a financial advisor. He was good at his job, so good that others asked him to provide speeches regarding motivation and growing a business to their audiences. Malinchak began working as a speaker, talking about motivation and business-related topics. He is now included among the best, having delivered 2,000-plus presentations to companies, business groups, institutions of higher education, and associations throughout the world and working with celebrities and even professional athletes.

As Malinchak became more popular as a speaker, others in his profession began asking him for tips. He saw this as an opportunity to create a business that provides marketing coaching. His program is called “The #1 Big Money Speaker Training” and it has made him one of the most well-paid and highly requested marketing consultants in this country.

Malinchak beat 50 marketing experts to become the GKIC 2008-2009 Marketer of the Year. He was a member of the exclusive list of contemporary leaders featured in the 2007 movie entitled Pass It On, which revealed their steps to success. Throughout his career, Malinchak has served as author for 16 books and written products. His accomplishments earned him an opportunity to star on a season two episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television.

When he was initially asked to appear on the show, Malinchak hesitated because he worried that the series would not portray those in need in the best light. Producers met with him to clarify the show’s purpose and he was then eager to participate. He headed to Gary, Indiana, where he posed as a member of a documentary film crew. After being exposed to several charitable causes, he donated $105,000 of his own money to assist them.

This millionaire is no stranger to charitable giving. He participated in raising more than $350,000 for several charitable groups in just eight months and contributed $160,000 of his fortune. His drive and giving nature are motivated by his sister Vicki, a victim of a brain tumor. Her fighting spirit caused him to realize the true meaning of being a hero.

Malinchak said that he was greatly impacted by his participation on Secret Millionaire and he hopes the real-life heroes he met continue their beneficial work. He believes that helping others is the best gift possible, whether it is done with work, money, or time. Malinchak did not just make an impression on others through his involvement in the television show. He also learned a valuable lesson: being rich is not just about money.

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