Saturday, June 22, 2013

Become a Winning Salesperson

Are you struggling to make a home business successful or afraid to become an entrepreneur due to fear of selling? What many people do not realize is that we are all in sales. Whether we are teachers, doctors, employees, parents, or others who are not salespeople or entrepreneurs by title, we are  selling something every moment of each day. This means that every moment people are deciding whether they will listen, follow, or do business with us.

We sell to our spouses, children, colleagues, and customers. Every time we speak verbally or in written form or enter a situation where others are present, people make decisions about engaging with us. Sales is an art form and there is a secret to doing it right. We can either be amateurs or step up to the big leagues and become professionals. By equipping ourselves with the proper skills we increase the chance that others will listen to what we say, follow our recommendations, and develop relationships with us.

The sooner we realize that we are all in sales, the sooner we can begin improving our sales skills. No one wants to deal with an amateur and anyone can be a professional so there is no excuse not to. Do not be like 98 percent of the population who rest on their laurels rather than equipping themselves with the necessary skills. Make yourself more valuable by learning what it takes to become a professional.

The two percent who can truly call themselves professionals understand that selling is more than just closing a deal, it is about developing relationships that are mutually beneficial. Professionals do not run from problems or expect someone else to solve them. They think in terms of results, which requires them to face problems head-on and develop solutions. A professional looks for opportunities that fill needs and consistently goes the extra mile.

Professionals adhere to a credo of honor, integrity, diligence, and excellence. They think big and are internally motivated. A professional recognizes how important it is to follow through on commitments and follow up after these are fulfilled. Think about each of these attributes and determine how you rate with each one. Most people quickly realize that improvement is possible.

Do not fall into the category of “slimy salesperson.” Learn the skills required to become a professional. A Dani Johnson script book is one of the many tools available. Use it and some of Dani’s training CDs to increase skills to the level of a professional. Magnetic Influence is a great program to start with or go for the triple crown with the Unlimited Success Bundle that includes this program plus Profit Skills and Conditioning for Success.

We are born with unlimited potential and if we believe in ourselves we can achieve professional status in little time. Then, we can pass along what we learned to others and help them do the same. Taking this approach will whittle that 98 percent down to almost zero and create a world that is vastly different from the one we live in today.

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