Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Secrets To a Low-Stress Life

Though it is not possible to eliminate stress from our lives, many of us can drastically reduce it. According to an article in The Washington Post, more than half of Americans are concerned about their daily stress levels. Nearly half say that stress affects their personal and professional lives and almost one-third blame stress for their difficulties managing family and work responsibilities. Though stress may seem common, it does not need to rule our lifestyles.

After realizing that stress-related illness is responsible for two in every three doctor visits in this country, everyone should want to take action. Different circumstances in life can cause a person to feel stressed. Job layoffs, insufficient pay, debt, and family disputes are several common culprits. While becoming stressed may seem like an automatic response, it is actually a choice. We decide whether we respond to stress triggers with the expected behavior or learn how to deal with the situation.

Society promotes the belief that only weak people get help for such problems but that is not true. It is far better to seek professional treatment for stress than to mask the feelings by using drugs or alcohol, going on a shopping spree, or becoming a recluse. Using feel-good treatments that allow us to run from stress will not make underlying feelings go away. In fact, when we pretend that we are okay we create more stress for ourselves. Taking action and facing the problem head-on is the only way to eliminate it.

This approach requires identifying the source of our stress and making changes to decrease stress levels. For example, if the household budget is stretched thin we can spend money on expensive electronics and other items that might make us feel good or we can tighten our belts and reduce spending. Those feel-good items will only create additional financial stress.

Making a much smaller investment in a Dani Johnson training program such as Debt Elimination & Financial Independence or War on Debt will provide long-lasting financial results, making this expense more worthwhile. Thousands of people have used these programs to bring themselves back from the edge of financial ruin. They are living debt-free and saving money for the future.

In addition to finances, time management is another major stressor for many people. Approximately 55 percent of Americans claim that their stress results from lack of time to do everything they want to do. Wishing for more time will not prove successful so these folks should try the new Time Secrets system from Dani Johnson. They will learn how to design their lives so they can do what they want, decreasing their stress in the process.

The choice is yours: stay stressed or take action by finding a solution that reduces stress levels. Letting stress control your life will lead to additional negative outcomes. Equipping yourself to design a happy and fulfilling future is not difficult to do using one of Dani’s programs. We should all take steps to stop the epidemic that is stress.

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