Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ignore The Haters and Press On Toward Success

Whether you are striving to be a better spouse or parent or attempting to create the best home based business in America, at least one person will be jealous. Many people encounter jealously throughout their lives and unless society receives some drastic reprogramming, this is not likely to change. Whenever someone decides to do something meaningful or just different, someone else will become jealous. People resent others for simply wanting to change the status quo.

Though it is impossible to eliminate jealousy from the world, we can prevent it from controlling what we do with our lives. When people express jealousy toward us, the feeling pertains to them, not us. This can be difficult to see when we are on the receiving end but we must keep it in mind to avoid getting off track.

These folks try to pull us down, to prevent us from striving for a workplace promotion, from making our personal relationships healthy and fulfilling, and from improving our financial situations. They claim to be doing it for our own good to help us see reality. What they are really doing is trying to make us just like them.

Some people will pick on others for nearly anything. Whether we dress differently or eat different foods, they will find a reason to judge, criticize, and be jealous. By simply “going against the grain” we create a situation that confuses some people. Their misunderstanding is often expressed in negative ways such as acting and speaking in a jealous manner. This is their problem, not ours, and we must be careful not to make it our issue.

Though our journey to personal, financial, or career success will cause other people to judge us and be jealous, we must not let this deter us. The results will be worth dealing with these negative feelings. Deciding not to push ourselves to new levels of success will not eliminate jealous reactions of others. Some people will be jealous regardless of the situation. Letting them keep us from our potential will make us as unhappy as they are.

Never let fears of judgment or jealousy cause you to give up. People with these feelings are in our lives for a reason: to push us toward success and strengthen our determination to achieve it. A person working toward success is never alone because there are plenty of other people doing the same thing across town, in other states, and around the world. Developing a supportive network of these individuals can make it easier to deal with the jealousy expressed by others.

When the voices of the jealous and judgmental seem loud, it can be easy to shrink back and become afraid. Never let fear of jealousy or judgment keep you from achieving personal goals. Stop these negative thoughts in their tracks, stand tall, and press on to reach your potential. When doubt creeps in lean on supportive individuals and find ways to cope with the naysayers. If we all take this approach, each of us can make a difference in this world. 

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