Monday, August 27, 2012

Jeff Usner Appears On 700 Club

Last week was a busy one for millionaire entrepreneur Jeff Usner. He continued to promote his latest book Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed, prepared for his upcoming Profit Hub Bootcamp in Dallas, Texas, and managed to squeeze in a television appearance on the 700 Club. This online marketing guru has been moving in high gear ever since his appearance on the ABC television show Secret Millionaire last month.

Those of you who did not catch Jeff on either of his television appearances really missed something. You can watch the Secret Millionaire episode on the ABC program Web page. Jeff was moved to tears by his work on Secret Millionaire, which allowed him to donate a portion of his hard-earned fortune to worthy causes in his hometown of San Antonio. The full August 21 episode of the 700 Club is available on the show Web page on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) website.

The 700 Club is a live daily television program broadcast from CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach. It airs before a studio audience, allowing crowds to see inspirational guests like Usner in person. This show has been on the air since 1966, making it one of the longest-running programs in television history. Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson, Kristi Watts, and Terry Meeuwsen host the show and Lee Webb serves as news anchor. In addition to news, the format includes commentary, feature stories, interviews, and Christian ministry.

Usner definitely increased his exposure by appearing on the 700 Club. This show is watched by approximately one million people each day and CBN International programs are broadcast in 138 countries. Viewers and the studio audience witnessed Usner explaining the difficult road from tragedy to triumph with online entrepreneurial ventures, books, and training programs. This was the perfect venue for the millionaire because viewers want to learn how to improve their lives while being guided by the faith that helped Usner handle his most difficult times.

Usner said that he was raised Lutheran but did not personally know the Lord until 2001. He appeared to be successful but his business was accumulating debt, he was working long hours, and his family life was suffering. Then, his unborn son died in vitro and four months later, Usner suffered a stroke. He asked several coworkers to pray for him and a miracle occurred. Additional tests revealed no sign of a stroke.

What followed was a complete life redesign. Usner downsized his business so he could operate it from home. He spent less time working and more time with his family. In just eight months, he eliminated the huge debt he had amassed. Within 18 months, he created a million dollar business online and he has never looked back.

Usner has realized the benefits of growing companies, making substantial money, and becoming an influence on others. However, he said that giving back offers the best feeling of all. His time on Secret Millionaire reinforced that belief and his faith continues to guide him to help others while maintaining a successful life.

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