Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dani Johnson Appears on Visibly Fit

Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Dani Johnson has been keeping busy this summer. On August 17, she appeared on Visibly Fit, a show designed to transform the mind, body, and spirit. Host Wendie Pett sat down with Dani to discuss faith, finances, and life. A replay of the interview is currently available for viewing on Dani’s website. Check it out because Dani shared lessons that helped her achieve six figure income and live the life of her dreams.

Through Visibly Fit and her other ventures, Wendie Pett assists people in their wellness journeys so they can fulfill their purposes in life. She shares a perspective with Dani that choices we make influence the quality of our lives. Both women are filled with faith and focus on giving people the tools they need to achieve success. Both have helped thousands of people transform their lives in different ways, adding purpose that drives them further down the road to success.

Dani was not shy about sharing her rags to riches story with Wendie and her audience. The tale seems unbelievable but Dani is living proof that it is true. How she went from having just over two dollars in her pocket to being a multimillionaire is amazing. Today, Dani is an author, speaker, trainer, and source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people.

Money is a central theme in this interview and the two women focus on the lies we are told about it throughout our lives. When we are little, we believe that money grows on trees and we have little understanding of its value. Later, we are told that money is the root of all evil and we shy away from amassing it because we feel guilty. Eventually, we wait for a divine sign that we were meant to have money. 
This waiting game may prevent us from getting out of debt or starting a fulfilling business.

Dani explains that money is an area of insecurity for many people. Due to her upbringing, she made many bad choices, including financial ones, which took her life down an undesirable path. After being judged by people of faith, she walked away from God. It took a long time for her to redevelop trust and get her life moving in a positive direction.

In this interview, Dani reveals that she did not become an entrepreneur because she believed she would succeed. She did it because she knew she could fail but even if she made just ten percent of what a millionaire did, she would still be in a better financial position. After being introduced to people who were growing and improving their lives, her own life changed.

Dani explains that God was responsible for helping her straighten out her life. She attributes her faith with getting her through the most difficult times. After watching this interview, you will be moved to reaffirm your faith and begin making positive changes in your life. Dani offers many tools to help anyone succeed in all aspects of life. Let her inspire you!

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