Monday, October 29, 2007

Simple Automated Marketing, Can you do it?

People who know that I work from home and make a 6 figure income are always asking me, "What do you do?". Can anyone do it? Can anyone really work from home and make good money? Is it possible?

The answer is simply a YES! If you can follow a simple automated marketing system? In DFI, we all build our businesses the exact same way. Our product is the same. How we all find out clients are the exact same. We all get the same training. Here's how it works.

First, we all market the same amazing vacation travel memberships!

Our Basic membership, we make 1,000 dollars profit.

Our Premier membership we make 3,200 dollars profit.

Our Platinum membership we make 9,705 dollars profit.

We each market our packages with simply automated marketing. We work with 2 primary advertising partners We tell them based on our goals and the amount of time we want to work, how many clients we want weekly or monthly. They deliver those clients to our marketing system in real time as they request info.

At that point it's as simply as giving those clients a call as they respond to advertising and are calling and emailing you. Once you connect with them you will guide them to your website. We all have the same websites. Once they've reviewed the website in about 15 minutes you will call that client back and have a brief conversation and guide them to a business overview call. It's that simple. All we do is follow up and direct to information, the website and conference calls does all the presenting. We are not the end all be all. We don't have to be a super motivator, salesperson or trainer. Using just our websites and conference calls you can make 10,000 dollars on each transaction.

When we share our simple automated marketing system with people they usually say, "I can do that." or they say, "It can't be that easy". The second response makes sense if you did not really know what was going on behind the scenes. It cost our core leaders literally 10's of 1,000's of dollars to produce our awesome websites. Then the conference calls that are always there no matter what. There is always some one there to help your business on those calls and they are always taking place and we don't have to do anything to make it happen on our part. Zero effort.

Can you follow a simply automated marketing system?

God Bless,
Stacy O'Quinn

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