Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Story in the Beginning, Stacy O'Quinn

My Story

Two and a half years ago I was in the Air Force and had been in the Air Force for 8 years. Extremely patriotic, I absolutely loved the military. But working 50-60 hours a week, traveling to over 17 countries with out my family, 116,000 dollars in debt, stressed out and only making 25,000 a year as a household income we had to have another solution. I started going to school at night and spending more time away from my family in hopes of creating a better lifestyle. That is when I first heard about working from home and owning your own small business from home. I did nothing for seven months. Not faced with many other options and hearing about Dani Johnson’s training. We, started our own business in July 2005. After attending a two day seminar called First Steps to success in September the month of October became our first 5 figure month we made 13,000 dollars.

January 21st became my last day in the military. Dani’s training applied to our business has revolutionized our lives in a huge way. Our first seven months we made 40,000 dollars working part-time. Our first year we made 104,000 dollars and our first 16 months we made 151,000 dollars today I work entirely from home. Our business and Dani Johnson’s training has given our kids their parents back. We where grateful to have been chosen and we will lead you on the same course that could pay you six figures in your first year.

By following the example that Stacy has lead by -And plugging into the Dani Johnson training system, our income has literally exploded! We have become 6-figure income earners within our company in only 9-months. Stacy is a phenomenal leader who leads by example and Dani is the BEST trainer in the industry! It's the PERFECT 1-2 Combo for REAL Results!!
Shawn & Jamie Schepple, WI

Thank You God! I am a stay at home mom with 4 kids and my husband previously worked for UPS. We where basically living paycheck to paycheck with our debts mounting. We couldn't keep our head above water. That's when I found out I could own my own business. I was trying to supplement my husband's income so we could at least make our payments. WOW! It's so much more! With Dani Johnson's training I was able to complete an 11,000 dollar transaction in 5 days. I made 25,000 in my first 3 months. Now I'm having consistent 5 figure months and it blows my mind! Stacy's guidance and Dani Johnson's training has shown me the way and has made it possible for my husband to retire at the age of 35, get our debts completely paid off, and our income is at at least doubled and we're heading for more! We have received time and financial freedom! My dream has definitely become a reality!
Jennifer Murphy, MT

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Let's Rock,
Stacy O'Quinn

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