Monday, November 12, 2007

What you can learn from First Steps to Success and Dani Johnson

Well, the weekend is over and another amazing First Steps to Success just went by us. Where you there? What did you learn? If you missed it what did you miss out on? After 20+ events this was certainly one of Dani Johnson's best. Or maybe I was positioned to hear more this time. Either way there where some critical things that got picked up. I will mention a few of them here. AS a disclaimer these are not things that Dani taught directly, these are things I caught. As Dani says, "Some things are caught and some things are taught".

First, Birds of a feather flock together. Now you've probably heard that before but something really solid hit me this weekend. If you want to achieve more and accomplish more make sure you are in a "flock" that is achieving more and making things happen. If you are in a business or some type of management and you want a particular group to achieve more then make sure you expose them to a flock that will allow them to move in that direction. Dani said something this weekend that is huge. Chances are most of the people you hang out with make generally the same amount of money you do. So if you want to increase that, don't leave your current friends but find a group of people that you can plug into that has your same desire and passion.

Second, It's lonely on the top. Not to mention it's harder to go farther alone. If you build a business, team or influence on your own then what is really happening is you are feeding your self image off of what "you" can do. Loyalty is difficult to maintain. You can not fend off the challenges of success to continue to grow with out help? How do you turn it around? Be truthful with yourself and work for the team FIRST. Don't think about what you get if you do X. X will come if you just shut your brain off and act on someone else's behalf. I recently heard a leader say I want you guys to do X, so that you are successful and make me money. That leader does not realize what he really said. That's because it's a challenge to move our self totally out of the way. I've been there too.

Third, People only follow your example. It does not matter what you say or how you say it. Your sphere of influence will only follow what you lead them by. That is they want to achieve your level of success so they are looking at your actions. Why are we so stupid as leaders sometimes and get cocky where we are and act differently or do differently then we did originally that made us successful? I know leaders in different work at home businesses and Coastal Vacations. They tell a testimony and then tell there team to do X so they can be successful and one day they don't have to work? That's a lie and those same leaders either start to disappear, go get a different job and/or start totally fabricating their testimony.

We should always follow success. As a leader we should be leaving successful examples if we want our own success and sphere of influence to grow!

Have a Great Day!
Stacy O'Quinn


Jessica said...

Hi Stacy,

I agree with all your points, especially the third one. It is true that if you are the leader, you will be followed by others, no matter whether you are right or wrong. So, the leaders need to be perfect every time they try to point out others mistakes, though that's required for further improvement in juniors.



Stacy O'Quinn said...

Absolutely Jessica, thanks for your comment!