Thursday, November 15, 2007

News Release, 6 Figure Income Club Announced!

Stacy O'Quinn being a struggling Military dad and husband felt like he had to find a better way. Stacy soon learned about Dani Johnson's training and First Steps to Success plus support provided by Decide Freedom International. Decide Freedom's support and Dani Johnson's training made it possible so a military dad with zero home business experience could succeed. Pay off 58,000 dollars in debt became a 6 Figure Income Earner and launched the "6 Figure Income Club" at

Plaquemine, LA (PRWEB) November 15, 2007 -- Have you ever searched for a way to improve your financial situation just so you didn't have to worry any longer about the bills month to month? Does it bother you at Christmas when you can't give your kids all they deserve? What if you made a decision to become your own boss and work on your own schedule?

Stacy, finally found the way to improve his financial situation, spend more time with family and actually get out of debt in July of 2005. "My brother Jackie OQuinn called me and had told me he was walking away from his job as a registered nurse because of some success he was having in his home business". "The OQuinn household was quite skeptical" Stacy laughed. In a heated conversation due to Stacy's fear of seeing his twin brother Jackie fail at another MLM, Pyramid scheme, Network marketing or home business he actually told Jackie he was an "idiot" and a "moron" to believe any of those businesses worked. That is when Jackie confided he was making 2,000 dollars a month.

"I was ready to listen then" Stacy admitted. Decide Freedom International sometimes called DFI for short was Jackie's answer. DFI provided 16 support calls for new members, 3 marketing websites to present the information to your clients, partnered with two advertising agencies that provide an endless stream of clients and aligned themselves with Dani Johnson's training to encourage going to First Steps to Success for all new Directors. Stacy recalled, "When I found that type of support and training I knew that anyone could do this even if you had zero experience like me"

Stacy joined DFI July 27th 2005 came out of First Steps in September and during the next thirty days in his new career with Decide Freedom International he made 13,000 dollars working part time. "I was shocked, excited and hated my boss that much more." Stacy said. After his first year working from home most of it while still in the military he was able to make 104,000 dollars. January of 2006 it was official the O'Quinn family's sole income was generated from home. Stacy has made almost 250,000 dollars and now created the "6 Figure Income Club" at to show others how he succeeded and to learn from others on how to get to the next step.

The 6 Figure Income Club, has been launched to create an environment of shared experiences. It is a community of Mom's and Dad's who want their life back with their children. It is a meeting place for husbands and wives who want to have the time to fall in love again or anyone who wants to no longer struggle over finances.

Stacy and Dawn are no longer stressed out or worried about paying the next bill. They are both stay at home parents. Dawn smiled and said, "Stacy does the business and I do the kids." Life is definitely improved now! Stacy spends about 25 hours a week working his business with Decide Freedom International "DFI". What made it possible for Stacy and his family? Dani Johnson had the training and DFI had the support system and nothing had to be figured out on his end except the desire and Lord knows 116,000 dollars in debt he had that already!"

When asked after he's accomplished so much, does he have any more personal goals Stacy as usual smiles and says, "You can never stop learning. I will always be learning! I want to do what ever I can to be a great Dad and the best possible Husband!" To see what Stacy has learned so far got to

Stacy O'Quinn

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