Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dani Johnson Interviewed On Drenda Show

Dani Johnson, Secret Millionaire star and personal lifestyle expert, stopped by the Drenda Show hosted by Drenda Keesee to share her personal story, discuss the importance of faith, and pass along some tips for a balanced life. The Drenda show airs on the UA Network, one of the outlets that airs The Dani Johnson TV Show every Sunday from 8:00 to 10:00 PM Central Time.

On her show, Drenda deals with difficult issues faced by the modern woman. Celebrity guests stop by to chat about their lives and provide inspiration, humor, and advice. Popular topics include health, fitness, faith, love, fashion, motherhood, and relationships. There is something for women of all ages, making this show very popular. Men may not admit it but they often watch alongside their wives in an attempt to learn more about the opposite sex.

Drenda has been married for 27 years and is a mother to five children. She is devoted to ministry and for more than 18 years, she has been speaking at churches, conferences, seminars, and through radio and television. She and her husband founded the Faith Life Now ministry that is devoted to disseminating a message of freedom regarding family, marriage, faith, and finances. Drenda is also an author, sharing her personal experiences and providing women with tips for joyful living through She Gets It: 11 Lies that Hold Women Hostage.

Drenda and Dani have some things in common. Like Dani, Drenda struggled with feelings of inadequacy that led her to the verge of suicide. Both women had an inner drive that helped them overcome this situation to achieve personal success. While Dani found herself in a marriage that ended up fraudulent, Drenda shunned the thought of marriage and children. After periods of internal and external struggle, both women found themselves in healthy, fulfilling relationships that only seem to get better with time.

Life has not been easy for these two women but struggling to make ends meet has taught them what is truly valuable in life. Both now devote their lives to helping other people avoid these struggles through practical advice and tips that everyone can incorporate into their lives. Drenda and Dani credit their faith with getting them through the most difficult times and helping them achieve spiritual fulfillment and financial success.

Many of you already know Dani’s story but for those who do not, it is a remarkable one. Raised in an abusive, drug-filled household, pregnant in her teens, and homeless by 20, Dani once lived in her car and sold a diet product from a pay phone and her vehicle trunk. Just two years later, she was a millionaire and she has since increased her level of success.

Dani has taught thousands of other people how to become millionaires, improve their relationships, and enrich their faith. If you watched her on the Drenda show, you know that her mission continues. If you did not see her, catch up at an upcoming live workshop or purchase one of her books or training programs designed to change your life.

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