Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Is The Real Story Behind Dani Johnson?

You may have seen her on Secret Millionaire on ABC television or read about her in the Chicago Sun Times but who is Dani Johnson, other than an entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars helping others? Dani’s story is a complex and very emotional one. Through hard work and persistence, she turned her life around from going nowhere to headed straight for success. This is simplifying things quite a bit so let’s start at the beginning.

Dani was raised in a home that was infested with drugs. Her parents were abusive in every way imaginable, creating a very uncomfortable home life for young Dani and her siblings. At 17, Dani became pregnant and by the time she was 21, she was a homeless single mother. We have all heard similar stories but what we do not often hear is what happened next.

Dani started a business from the trunk of her car, selling weight loss products over the telephone. Her persuasive skills landed some customers and she realized that by helping others, she was helping herself. As the business put some money in her pocket, she began dreaming of bigger ways to help others. Over the next 20 years, she worked long and hard to create the success she had always wanted, establishing businesses based on the idea of helping people.

Dani and her husband Hans currently run seven businesses including her own brand, which includes the popular seminars “Creating a Dynasty” and “First Steps to Success.” These events are designed to help average people realize their potential and are often referred to as life-changing. Dani shares her business profits with multiple charities including Kings Ransom Foundation, which passes along every dollar of donations to help people in desperate situations.

This self-made mogul appeared on the first episode of Secret Millionaire in 2011 and quickly became a viewer favorite. Just eight hours after her episode aired, Dani’s website became a number one Google search. Media appearances on The View, Good Morning America, and Oprah followed. Dani was soon a household name throughout America. Her website continues to capture a huge number of hits and her syndicated radio talk show, The Dani Johnson Show, and Spiritual Equipping radio broadcast are extremely popular.

Frequently categorized as a success coach, Dani refers to herself as an “ambassador for hope, truth, and opportunity.” Her energy and passion are enough to get anyone up off the couch and her fiery nature will not let excuses go unaddressed. Through books, workshops, and training programs, she mobilizes people to make big changes to achieve their goals. She practices what she preaches, setting the lofty goal of giving away one million dollars each month.

Dani and her support team want to help all people improve their relationships, achieve career success, and expertly manage their finances. She possesses the characteristics necessary to empower each one of us and equip us to make the transformational changes necessary to permanently change our lives. The changes, Dani says, are simple. It is the results that are dramatic.

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