Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Don’t Miss This Chance To Attend A FREE Dani Johnson Event!

If you have not heard of Dani Johnson by now, where have you been? This woman is a business powerhouse and financial management expert who puts faith and family first. She has been featured on top television shows like The View and Oprah, interviewed in respected print news and lifestyle publications, and even appeared on a 2011 episode of Secret Millionaire on ABC television. She and her husband/business partner Hans donate thousands of dollars to charity each year, with the goal of giving away a million dollars a month.

Dani travels throughout the country, offering seminars that help average people transform their lives. Whether they want to become more successful professionally, remove the burden of debt, or learn how to live more spiritually, Dani shows them how to do it. She promotes techniques that she used to go from being homeless and broke to living as a multimillionaire. Testimonials regarding the power of her methods range from housewives who have created wealth with a home business to fellow Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner, Internet marketing guru.

A one-on-one consulting session with Dani costs thousands of dollars. Even tickets to her seminars and workshops sell for hundreds. However, there is currently an opportunity to see Dani at no charge. Yes, FREE! On November 10, she is taking her Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace event to the Marriott Warner Center Woodland Hills hotel in Woodland Hills, California. Registration instructions are currently posted on her website.

Spiritual Equipping is a training session that incorporates faith and spirituality into techniques designed to change lives. Whether you are worried about finances, feel like your life is going nowhere, or concerned about future generations, you will benefit from attending. Dani will reveal how to make the desired changes without a large investment of time, effort, or money.

To get a glimpse of Spiritual Equipping in action, tune into Dani’s live radio broadcasts on Wednesday nights at 8 PM Eastern Time/7 PM Central Time. Even people who do not consider themselves spiritual have taken away valuable information from these broadcasts. There is no charge to listen so this is the perfect opportunity to determine whether the in-person event is suitable for you.

The most recent Spiritual Equipping broadcast is posted on the Dani Johnson website. It is part four of a series focused on financial success. Dani has been going through her step-by-step plan that shows people exactly where they stand financially and what they should do to improve their financial lifestyles. The information is presented as simple checklist that identifies what is preventing someone from making more money and how the situation can be corrected.

You will probably be hooked after hearing this broadcast. Register as an Insider to hear parts one through three and then plan to listen tonight, October 24, at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central to hear part five. The way Dani weaves Biblical principles into methods for achieving financial success is amazing. Begin getting spiritually equipped right now and plan to attend the free event in California!

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