Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dani Johnson Takes Her Show On The Road…Literally

A new year is barely underway but millionaire entrepreneur Dani Johnson is not wasting any time. She is traveling across the country and across the world to spread her wealth-building message. Just yesterday, she broadcast an episode of The Dani Johnson Show live from Israel. This is just the beginning of Dani’s travels in 2013 so find out where she will be and make a point to be there.

On her January 16 radio show broadcast, Dani had the privilege of interviewing members of the Israeli government, military, and media. If you were not able to listen live, look for an audio recording of this broadcast to be posted on Dani’s website in the near future. Tune in every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern and Wednesdays at 12 PM Eastern to receive more valuable insights and lessons from this successful businessperson.

Where else will Dani be this year? The list is long, providing plenty of opportunities to receive her life-changing messages in person! On January 26 and 27, Dani will hold her First Steps to Success seminar in Dallas, Texas. Take this opportunity to attend an event that will transform your life. Online registration is still open and if you are on the fence, check out the demo video on Dani’s website because it will convince you to attend.

Those who have or want to start a legitimate home business should turn this two-day Dallas event into a three-day experience by also attending the Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop Dani will hold on January 28. During this third day, Dani will provide proven money making strategies that any home business entrepreneur can use to create big momentum and even bigger paychecks. Learn the how-tos from someone who went from having just $2.03 in the bank to making millions each year.

After Dallas, Dani will head across the pond to London, where she will offer First Steps to Success on February 22 and 23. We recently gave you a heads up about this event and there is still time to register. Add your name to the long list of success stories and enjoy a European vacation in the process. The registration price has been slashed to just $397 and satisfaction is guaranteed so what is there to lose?

In May, Dani will spend four days in Pittsburgh to offer her Creating A Dynasty event. Anyone interested in becoming a powerful, influential, and magnetic leader within a family, business, or community environment should attend. Whether you work at home or from an office building, leadership skills are essential to successfully compete. This event will provide the high leverage (and high paying) skills necessary to thrive in the future.

Whew, we are tired just thinking about all of Dani’s travels this year! There will undoubtedly be more opportunities to catch her in person during the second half of 2013. Make plans to attend at least one event so you can learn what thousands of others already have…everyone has the potential to succeed and Dani provides the tools to do it.

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