Monday, January 14, 2013

Being Dumb Can Pay Off

Many successful entrepreneurs will admit that they are not the smartest people on the planet. However, they are smart enough to be dumb when it counts. They may not be technically or numerically proficient but they recognize these weaknesses and account for them by employing people who are. They also realize early in their careers that altering proven business models is not the path to success but the road to failure.

When many new entrepreneurs discover a wealth-building program that has been helpful for others, such as a Dani Johnson script book, they may second-guess it. Instead of following the proven system, they use their brains and narrow opinions to alter it. Though they have no entrepreneurial success, they think they have a better way to do things. Unfortunately, they soon discover that questioning an expert and reinventing the wheel are not the best approaches.

Until entrepreneurs master a system that has worked for hundreds of other people, they are not qualified to improve it. They should “get dumb” and follow the steps outlined in the prepackaged wealth building program because this is far more likely to result in success. Others have used such a program to get out of debt, get their businesses off the ground, and eventually earn six figures. Over the years, they learn ways to improve their results but they never question the program.

Once an entrepreneur is comfortable with this program, he or she can bring others on board and teach them to apply the concepts. Soon, the entire team will experience unprecedented success doing what they love, whether this involves selling products or offering services. The beauty of a program like this is that it can be effectively used in nearly any industry sector by nearly anyone. The results speak for themselves and as more people use this program, the outcomes become more impressive.

Be a smart enough business owner to be dumb enough. Do not second-guess a proven system but embrace it, master it, and then teach others how to apply it. Hire people who are flexible and trusting enough to use an existing system rather than creating one of their own. There is no reason to waste time, effort, and money on creating a new way of doing things when the existing way works.

With a wealth building program that includes scripts, users need not be sales experts. They rely on the scripts to help them navigate any selling situation. These scripts are developed by experts who have been in those situations and achieved successful outcomes. By providing their best practices in a concise, easy-to-follow format, they enable anyone to achieve the same results.

The new year is the perfect time to take this approach. Complex is not always better as Dani reveals through her script book. A simple, step-by-step method that has yielded impressive success for Dani and many other people is easy to use and can be quickly implemented in nearly any business. Gather a team with a desire to succeed and a willingness to follow directions and watch what happens.

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