Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dani Johnson To Offer Social Media Webinar

Millionaire entrepreneur Dani Johnson is capitalizing on the success of her in-person training events by expanding her training to include webinars. Her first endeavor is called “From Social Distraction to Magnetic Attraction” and it could not be more relevant to business owners. Whether you have a home based business or work in a corporate office, this Dani Johnson training event will help you maximize your business through the powerful tool of social media.

Registration is now open for this webinar being held on February 5 and 12. The cost is $97 per person, a small price to learn the insights, methods, and revelations that helped Dani become an online success. Social media is only lucrative when it is used correctly but entrepreneurs need not spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to use social media networks to their advantage. All that anyone needs are several key strategies to expand influence and grow a business.

Anyone can use social media for shameless promotion. However, these people are on the fast track to becoming social networking outcasts. The list of things that people can do to annoy others via social media is long. Dani will show students how to avoid doing any of them when using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media networks.

Some entrepreneurs are already using social media marketing but are hesitant to take the next step without increasing their knowledge. They may have read some articles and books and even may have taken a class, but the information they received seemed to lack substance. These days, everyone claims to be a social media expert. Though these people make big promises, all they deliver are a scant amount of Re-Tweets and a few Facebook likes. Social media has far more potential than this. 

If the number of followers or friends in a professional social media network is barely increasing, the existing social media strategy needs to go. If creating content that is both relevant and engaging seems like a chore, help is needed. If discussions of company products or services seem to fall on deaf ears and everyone else in the social media network seems to be talking about him or herself, it is time to revise the social media strategy. Through her webinar, Dani will help entrepreneurs create a game plan for social media activities that will generate sales over the long-term.

When social media is used correctly, there is no begging or in-your-face promotion required. Common taboos are easily avoided and everyone wants to listen to what you have to say. Dani has discovered several strategies essential for business growth and she will offer them in a how-to fashion so even new entrepreneurs can quickly expand their social networks.

There is a reason the word “social” is included in social media marketing. This approach is about relationships so throw the fears of technology out the window because they are irrelevant. Dani will teach you about relationships and how to master them to magnetically attract target audiences within any industry.

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