Friday, December 7, 2007

A Letter to

A Letter to members!

This has NEVER happened before. There are so many things going on right now in DFI we are blessed to be where we are. Are you having more success then you’ve ever had before? Are you still in the beginning and looking for that success?

What is success for you? Are you able to manage where you are right now with your new opportunity with DFI? Do you want to know how other people are becoming more and more successful? Or do you want to be in a better position to help your newest associates succeed like you have?

For the First time ever we are going to have a Training Call Saturday afternoon to discuss some specific strategies you have never heard in your Coastal Vacation’s Business before. Invite all your Team members, Clients or anyone you know in Coastal Vacations. It is open to everyone regardless of their background as long as they have a desire to succeed in their business!

5pm EST/4pm CST/3pm MST/2pm PST on the Business Overview Line
212-990-8000 Pin 1989#

- You will learn about 2008 as the year of new beginnings…
- You will hear specific strategy to maximize where you are at right now…
- You will get specific details to improve your current results with DFI
- Learn step by step what you need to do moving forward in 2008
- Learn specific detail to help more people succeed on your team
- Learn how to have more fun then you ever thought possible
- Be able to minimize your Stress and increase your Freedom

This is an open call to anyone who could benefit from it. Anyone who is looking to help others, create a higher level of success, achieve more freedom and ROCK 2008 the year of new beginnings.


P.S. You have to make a decision for 2008, ARE YOU IN OR OUT?

Stacy O'Quinn

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