Friday, January 25, 2008

Snap Response, and Coastal Vacations!

OK I've been doing this business for quite some time. And like any other industry there are sometimes opportunities within an opportunity. Now usually that is because the environment in some way shape or form has just improved. Right now this is one of the most amazing times to be part of DFILive in Coastal Vacations.

Since the very beginning of my business I've always used Advertising Firms to provide me with clients. There are only two companies I've ever had any real success with. Cutting Edge Media and Snap Response, both of which are at the top of their game.

Right now, the Coastal Video Lead being produced by Snap Response is the HOTTEST Lead I have EVER used. The Results people are getting is nutty. I just dialed 20 of them recently and spoke to 15 of them. That is a 75% connect ratio. Recently Cadie from MN ordered 60 of them and made 6400 dollars! The team at is apparently serious about maintaining their quality. They are always asking about quality and doing there own quality control behind the scenes.

I'm so JACKED up right now!!! To be where we are, MOST people never ever experience this. Thank GOD you are where you are today. I was telling Dawn my wife earlier it almost feels like we've won the lottery. Not to mention all the upgrades coming to the marketing system very very soon.

As a side note, I did use quite a few of the real time Christian leads from Snap Response and I was TOTALLY impress with the quality of that lead since it is generic and not business specific.

Let's Prosper Together!

Stacy O'Quinn


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