Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Controls Your Success?

Where do you find yourself right now? In this moment as you read this have you obtained the level of success you've wanted? Have you helped as many people as you had hoped that you could have by now? Has your strategic plan that you looked to achieve while you where in high school planning for college actually happened 5, 10, 20 years later? Is life as fun as you expected it to become, is it easier? Are you at the top of your game? Are you exactly where you want to be right now?

If nothing happens by chance and if success isn't by luck then what is stopping you? For anyone who would believe that success is based off of luck then I would argue what about all the lottery winners that where lucky and then bankrupt in a few years. What? You don't think that would happen to you? Neither did they! If you knew exactly how things would turn out then you probably would be in a different place today then where you are now!

The reality is you can either argue the above statements or you have a high level of leadership and you can accept them. The fact is the vast majority of us fall into those scenario's myself included. BUT, just because life is not where we want it right now does not mean we have to accept it. It does not mean we have to be lulled into accepting what we are not happy or comfortable with as our life. We can improve our circumstances. Circumstances never control the outcome! It's what you do in those circumstances that determine where you end up!

You can make a logical argument that ever successful person took risk in their life. They where not paralyzed in fear! Some how when we face a situation we make a decision that "seems" safe. Has your pass track record proven that those decisions are working for you? Every opportunity is realized by a calculated risk taking place. Here is the truth every time you take a risk you've given yourself a new opportunity period!

The only thing that you can do to activate your risk and provide a new opportunity for you IF you are not happy with where you are. Taking ACTION is the only thing that will activate your faith and create an opportunity for you. The Bible talks about faith without works is dead. Without taking risk you are never acting in faith. Right now there are some things going on in your family, marriage, work or school; you know there are some actions you must take but you are allowing fear in the way of your faith! So ACT NOW!

Action Kills Fear!-- Hans Johnson

Equip your Faith Take Action!
Stacy O'Quinn

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