Monday, November 28, 2011

Create Your Dynasty With Dani In December

Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Dani Johnson is not resting on her laurels this holiday season. She is touring the country, offering her inspirational messages at several December events. From December 2 to 4, she will be in Dallas, Texas, holding an intense seminar called “Creating A Dynasty.” There is still time to join her and bring forth your inner leader.

Leaders work within many environments including the family unit, business, and the community. Despite this, they seem more difficult to find these days. The reality is that our world lacks people who are committed to creating highly effective change that inspires others to take action. Time progresses and we need to move with it. This includes shifting from an employee to entrepreneur mentality.

At this seminar, Dani will show attendees how to take a self-inventory of their skills, value, relationships, and themselves. She will reveal the skill sets that can be leveraged into high-paying careers. This information and training will help them survive and even thrive during the future. Without making this type of change, people will struggle with their relationships and careers in the coming years.

Dani has listened to her top-producing clients and learned the methods they used to achieve success. She has also learned techniques through her own experience. These were effective enough to take her from homelessness to being a multi-millionaire. There is no reason they will not produce the same results for the rest of us.

Good leadership training is difficult to find. It just so happens that it will be offered in Dallas during the first week in December. This intense experience will reveal how to manage one’s life for success. True leaders are part of something larger than themselves and create a synergy that remains long after they are gone. Let Dani show you how to be one.

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