Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To Add Value To A Home Business

Whether you sell ebooks or CDs or offer online training, there are ways to add value to these offerings. A higher price can be charged for products or services that feature additional value. By adding value, work at home business owners are also able to increase their customer satisfaction and rates of conversion.

In reality, customers are purchasing the end result offered by the product or service, not the item itself. Making it easier for them follow the guidelines or use the item is a simple way to add value. For example, providing a quick start guide with a CD or audio training program allows people to get started immediately. Self-assessment sheets or software are also valuable additions to such a program.

Incorporating videos and audio files into a training program clarifies the messages being conveyed. Case studies offer additional illustration and make the information more relatable. Providing expanded information regarding relevant methods or techniques is a valuable addition to any step-by-step program. Offering reviews of relevant products separately may also be useful to customers.

Some business owners have realized the power of offering a free email or telephone consultation from an expert. Consumers also benefit from follow-up information or free newsletter or email subscriptions. If they are purchasing a training program that may be updated, offering newer versions at no charge or a discounted price is a great value-add. Exclusive membership areas on the business website can also be enticing to prospects who want the inside scoop.

With a network marketing opportunity, offering free sample scripts, advertisements, or Web content is valuable to prospects. Contact lists for prospective partners or other relevant parties can also be useful to those getting started. Even hard copy materials that are mailed separately are viewed as valuable by people interested in joining the distributor ranks.

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