Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Business Entrepreneur Workshop: January 28-30 In Orlando

Are you thinking about starting a home based business in 2012? Do you want to learn how to do it from someone who made millions as a home business entrepreneur? If so, register to attend Dani Johnson’s three-day home business entrepreneur workshop in Orlando from January 28 to 30. Dani will teach you how to create six figure income in the new year without leaving home.

This workshop is like two great events in one. For the first two days, participants will attend the First Steps To Success event. The third day will focus on home business entrepreneurship and ways to experience amazing business success. Dani will reveal proven money-generating strategies that any home business entrepreneur can use to generate massive momentum and achieve huge income.

Dani is an expert in relationship marketing and she uses her own experiences to help others earn six and seven figure incomes. What takes many people years to achieve with a home business, attendees will possess after just three days with Dani. Skill development, troubleshooting, business training, and preparation are all on the agenda.

Participants will learn how to position their business for exponential growth without any effort. They will also discover how to get others on the right path through a duplicatable system that motivates everyone to immediately begin generating income. Steady, long-term residual income allows many people to enjoy lavish lifestyles. Become one of them by learning how to be a business expert in just three steps and create a massive base of customers.

It may sound amazing, but it is possible to create a sales force 20,000 people strong in just two years without even advertising. Let Dani show you how to do it. She will even reveal how you can outsell the competition by an amazing ten to one ratio without having any technical knowledge of the product you are offering!

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