Thursday, December 22, 2011

Work That Matters And A Six Figure Income Go Hand In Hand

Some people are so money-hungry that they will do anything to earn a buck. Though their careers may be lucrative, they are often not fulfilled. They push that feeling aside, thinking it is the price to pay for financial success. They could not be more wrong. The truth is, anyone can create six figure income by doing work that matters.

The world will not benefit from another company offering a slightly cheaper product or service in a slightly faster amount of time. These businesses pop up every day and consumers are not highly motivated to deal with them. What consumers really want is a business that does something out of the ordinary, something very special…something that matters.

Doing work that matters means doing the right things at the right price. Think about what you would do at no charge if you could afford it and make business decisions in that mindset. This requires courage and risk-taking but it can be life-altering. We only get one chance at life so why spend it doing something that makes us unhappy? Make the company something to be proud of from all perspectives.

Most business owners stay within a box defined by the competition. They offer the same types of products and services, attract average customers, and make average profits. Only a small number of entrepreneurs perform work that really matters. They assess the marketplace, see what is needed, and take a unique approach to providing it.

Steve Jobs was a great example of someone who did work that mattered. He took the traditional business model for a computer manufacturer and threw it out the window. There is no guide for doing work that matters- each method is customized. It involves incorporating your values, beliefs, passions, imagination, goals, and dreams and provides rewards beyond your wildest dreams.

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