Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Avoid These Common Networking Mistakes

So, you are entering 2012 with a legitimate home business and are eager to begin networking. Before signing up for every meet-and-greet in town, learn about the biggest networking mistakes. By avoiding these when expanding or leveraging a network, you increase the likelihood of success. Starting on the right foot makes the road to success an easier one.

The goal of a networking relationship is to connect with others who can help you establish a contact, receive a referral, or make a sale. People network with others because they want something. The best networkers do not request what they want at first, and some never do. Instead, they focus on what they can give because this is the way real relationships are established.

Networking should be all about the other person. People should not care about your needs. They should also not be expected to respond to them. Though they may sympathize, it is not their job to help you. Making a connection requires putting the needs of others first. Caring about someone else is the only way to get that person to care about you.

One of the biggest mistakes in networking is the more, the merrier. Some people will network with anyone- instead they should focus on who they can help. Identify that crowd and then determine whether those people can eventually help you. This is the way to develop meaningful relationships, not by attempting to network with hundreds of people at once.

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great networking resources…if you use them properly. Establish connections using these and maintain them with other methods. The act of maintaining relationships is where the real work comes into play. Connect with others who can benefit from what you have to offer and develop those relationships to help each other reach goals.

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