Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Growth Is The First Step To Solving Money Issues

From an early age, we are taught that money will fix any problem. People take high-paying jobs so they can afford to buy huge homes, expensive cars, and other material indicators of success. We envy them, wishing we could create a six figure income and purchase those things. Instead, we are surrounded by debt and focused on how miserable our lives are.

What we never realize is that those people may be just as unhappy as we are. Many people become consumed with making more money to buy things. They never stop to consider whether they actually like their jobs, their massive homes, or their tiny sport scars. Some would be much happier in a moderately sized house, driving a sedan, and doing a job they love.

Earning six figures is nice but it does not equate to happiness. Some high-income earners are up to their ears in debt. They have achieved their dreams but it came at a financial, personal, spiritual, or career cost. What they and the rest of us should be striving for are fulfillment, joy, and a feeling of contentment.

By focusing on the real priorities in life, money becomes less of a focus. The irony is that by fulfilling ourselves spiritually, personally, and in our careers, money usually follows. The difference is that we are simply living our lives, not trying so hard to achieve wealth. By finding a career that makes use of our natural talents, we love what we do while earning a nice living.

Without the pressure to buy everything in sight, debt becomes a thing of the past. Every part of our life falls into place and we find ourselves fulfilled in every aspect. To make this happen, we must change our life before it changes us. Reprioritizing allows us to achieve priceless goals like happiness, which are also free.

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