Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Branding Your Business And Yourself

Entrepreneurs go to great lengths to develop their company brand names. Whether they work from home or a large corporate headquarters, they use promotional tactics to make the public aware of their company and what it offers. Consumers care about more than what a company does. They want to know its vision, mission, and why it was created. Entrepreneurs can use social media and other tools to make themselves known as people, becoming their own brand.

Branding efforts begin with the entrepreneur becoming an expert within the field of business. Once people start going to this person for relevant information and advice, the branding process begins. Soon, media outlets will want to interview the entrepreneur, which offers the company some free exposure.

Being a good source means knowing which publications the target audience prefers and becoming available to these. Commenting on articles and responding quickly to requests for interviews are also important. An article byline can be used to promote the company, building the brand of the business and the entrepreneur. Following up on interviews via email and including a bio and picture also help.

Customers and the media search for entrepreneurs online every day. By using their full name as their blog or website domain name, entrepreneurs make themselves easier to find. They will own the first search engine result for their name. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts should also be created under their name. A separate website and social media accounts should be established under the company name.

Networking is an excellent way to create brand awareness. Developing relationships with members of the target audience grows the business and the brand. Entrepreneurs should create mutually beneficial relationships with the correct people. They should give first before taking and maintain their networking contacts over the years. By building their own brand, entrepreneurs help to brand their companies.

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