Friday, March 30, 2012

Dani Johnson Uncovers The Cost Of Success

For years, finance experts have warned that student loan debt is a huge problem. It is official—the amount of student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt. Many people go to college, expecting to earn a degree that will lead to six figure income. Unfortunately, the reality is often much different from the dream, says personal finance expert Dani Johnson.

Dani notes that the cost of success can be very high for anyone pursuing higher education. Many people are graduating from college tens of thousands of dollars in debt. If they pursue a career that requires graduate or professional education, their debt increases. The worst part is that many graduates have no more career direction than they did before entering school.

Amidst this epidemic, there is hope. On her radio show, Dani reveals the true cost of success and explains how to avoid overspending. Creating lifelong success does not require putting oneself deep into debt. Dani tells listeners how to get the best education for their money and explains how parents can prepare their children to lead prosperous and productive lives.

Financial freedom should not be a trade-off with success. Dani shows people how to live their dreams without the burden of debt. Even college graduates neck-deep in student loan debt will benefit from this advice. Dani can help them repay their debt quicker than they ever imagined so the intangible cost of higher education will not be years of financial worry.

The current economy has illustrated that having a college degree is not a free pass to a dream career. In fact, many graduates are having difficulty finding a job. If you have already paid for your education, Dani will teach you how to get out of debt. If you are preparing to enter school, she will explain how to effectively spend your education dollars.

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