Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Jeff Usner Millionaire Secret

Do you know the Jeff Usner millionaire secret? Thousands of Internet users do because Jeff let it slip in a video he posted. Jeff has used online business ventures to make millions of dollars, yet his technical skills are limited. That’s right, this guy is just like you and me but he has harnessed his knowledge to generate 500,000 or more leads per month.

Jeff came to the realization that he was using his technical limitations as an excuse. Fortunately for his company, this light bulb moment came before millions of dollars were lost. He now teaches people how to overcome the fear that once held him back. Anyone who doubts that he or she can earn money online without advanced technical skills should listen to what Jeff has to say.

We all have shortcomings and the inability to use technology to the fullest extent is a common one. People who have the desire to be their own boss and want to work from the comfort of home should not let lacking technical skills hold them back. Jeff is proof that you can start a business and generate sales leads with limited technical abilities.

Surrounding yourself with others who have the skills you lack creates synergy. The results of your combined efforts are greater than what each of you could achieve on your own. The best part is, you can afford to hire these technical workers, though you may believe otherwise. This way, each person can focus on what he or she does best.

In the past, Jeff has collaborated with others who are tops in the industry, showing people how to grow their business. He focuses on email and social media marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization, and other effective strategies. Follow his advice and you will soon have a flourishing online business, no technical skills required.

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