Friday, March 9, 2012

Making The Revised Facebook Insights Tool Work For Your Business

Every work at home business should have a strong social media presence. Facebook is the most popular social networking site and it offers many tools for business owners. Insights is one that recently received an overhaul, now offering more data than most business owners will ever use. By understanding these measurements, entrepreneurs can assess their online presence.

The main page of Insights shows where new Facebook fans are originating, people discussing the company, and how far company wall posts are extending into cyberspace. To drill deeper, online business owners can enter a date range in the export box to download post or page-specific data. There are more than 50 tabs of page-level data, a number-cruncher’s dream.

Though each business owner will find different measurements important, there are some that many online entrepreneurs should use. Overall reach, calculated by the number of impressions in columns R, U, and X in the Key Metrics tab, reveals the number of impressions a post is seen within a given month. This is reflects the number of organic impressions created by fan page postings, paid impressions from ads, and viral impressions from people interacting or sharing the content.

The number of people actively discussing the brand can be broken down into users who create content on the company page and those who provide likes or comments to your Facebook posts. New fan drivers reveal where the new fans are originating. This data can be accessed most easily from the main dashboard.

Businesses can calculate their page opt-out rate by comparing the number of new fans added within a month to the number who have unliked the page. This information is available in columns I and J in the Key Metrics tab. If the opt-out rate is high, online entrepreneurs have some work to do on either their Facebook page or within the company.

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