Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let Spring Inspire You To Make Changes

Many of us take advantage of warm spring temperatures to clean our homes, tackling those big cleaning projects that have languished all winter. We should take the same approach with life. Spring is the perfect time to take inventory of where we are and make progress toward where we want to be. The only thing holding us back from a 6 figure income is ourselves.

Many people spend years, or even decades, expending effort that does not result in success. Some believe that they are not destined to achieve the success they dream of while others work diligently alone, hoping that someone will notice them. A different approach may be all these folks need to hit the big time, whatever that may mean for them.

Mentors teach us skills that would take use years to learn otherwise. In just one day with a mentor, we can fill our toolbox. When we call upon these resources, success becomes more likely. The sooner we align ourselves with someone more experienced, the better we will be. Just ask the thousands of people who have already done so and are now living their dreams.

At the Dani Johnson First Steps to Success workshop in March, one participant experienced a life-changing moment. For 20 years, he had been developing a movie featuring a Latin superhero. After the first day of the workshop, he met with a movie producer and used one skill he learned during the workshop to close a deal worth $10 million.

This is just one example of the power that mentoring wields. People who have allowed excuses to keep them from their dreams should do some spring cleaning. It is time to discard those excuses, step up to the plate, and acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to succeed. Everyone deserves a life defined by accomplishment.

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