Friday, May 4, 2012

Start Your Business On The Right Foot With A Great Name

Entrepreneurs spend hours reviewing home business ideas and developing marketing strategies, yet they spend little time on a key aspect of their new venture. The name of a business can have a huge impact on its success and deserves some thought. If you doubt the truth of this message, think about how memorable Stefani 
Joanna Angelina Germanotta would be if she had not created the stage name Lady Gaga.

Words are powerful and each one is distinct. Selecting the right business name carries the added benefit of branding when doing advertising. Entrepreneurs should consider several things when coming up with a name for their business. First, the name should sound good when spoken. It should not be a tongue-twister or difficult to pronounce.

The business name should have meaning and describe the benefit of using the company. Hearing or reading the name should be enough to understand the purpose of the business. The name should not be too generic because this can confuse customers. No business can be everything to everyone. The name should reflect the most popular spelling, not include something like the letter “u” in place of “you.”

Initials should be avoided because they are not very exciting. A business name should mean something and including detail words like days or numbers, if appropriate, is acceptable. A good way to predict the online popularity of a business name is to use Google AdWords to test it. Do an AdWords search with potential names to make sure there is not a more popular alternative.

Entrepreneurs who have big plans for their brand should make sure the business name can be trademarked. Before determining it, they should check Trademarkia and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office websites. By devoting some thought to the business name, the best choice will become obvious, making success a likely byproduct.

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