Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dani Johnson Discusses The Obama “Money As You Grow” Program

The White House recently released a financial education program called “Money As You Grow.” This program is part of an initiative to improve financial literacy of American youths. President Barack Obama is making a big effort to help parents teach their children about money. Self-made millionaire Dani Johnson and guest Hans Johnson, a financial expert, recently discussed the program on her radio show.

Those who are familiar with Dani Johnson training know that financial management is a primary focus. Dani offers books, CDs, videos, and written guides that help average Americans manage their finances. She tackles tough issues like creating a household budget, eliminating debt, and achieving financial success. With the economy still tight, her training products have become very popular with American consumers who are trying to survive on limited incomes. People read her materials to learn how to reduce expenses and eliminate wasteful spending.

All of this makes Dani qualified to discuss American financial literacy and programs designed to improve it. On her radio show, Dani talks about the “Money As You Grow” program. The program is an interactive online tool developed by the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability. It provides families with a convenient way to teach children the basic, yet important, financial lessons they will need to understand as they age.

Dani discusses whether the White House cares about grooming youth for financial success. She questions how many people the government has helped get out of debt and become financially dependent. Dani said that she was shocked when she first viewed the new government program. She could not believe what the government is recommending.

Dani and Hans share financial lessons that American adults and children should learn. Parents have a huge influence on the financial behavior of their children. Dani and Hans do not dispute this but they have a different idea of what parents should be teaching their children regarding finances. The two-hour audio recording of this show is currently posted on Dani’s website.

On this segment, Dani and Hans present a response to the new White House program. After listening to the recording, adults will have the valuable information they need to effectively educate today’s youth about financial matters. They will hear the truth about money, this program, and where it is leading American society. Americans are responsible for their own financial lives and should not rely on others to correct their personal financial situations.

There is no disputing that President Obama has done much to increase the financial knowledge of Americans, particularly youth. This year, the first White House Summit on Financial Capability and Empowerment took place, bringing children, employers, athletes, community leaders, and government officials together to discuss what has and what can be done to help Americans control their financial futures. 

At the same time, the employment rate is higher than average and student loan debt just hit $1 trillion. The youth of today have a difficult financial future and must prepare themselves through education. At issue is the content of this education.

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