Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dani Johnson Starts Secret Millionaire Craze

Season three of the ABC television hit series Secret Millionaire began on June 3. In the first episode, artist Scott Jacobs and his daughter Alexa volunteered in Newark, NJ, and donated some of their fortune to worthy individuals. Scott was actually moved to tears while volunteering with the GI GO Fund, which benefits local veterans. Season three of the show that Dani Johnson made a phenomenon is shaping up to be a winner.

Dani appeared on a season two episode that became the most watched television program on the day it originally aired. An amazing 12.6 million people tuned in to watch Dani volunteer in Knoxville, Tennessee. She lived on very little money and kept her identity a secret until the end of the episode, when she donated $100,000 of her own money to worthy local causes. ABC capitalized on the success of this episode by re-running it the night before kicking off the new season.

For more than eight hours after her Secret Millionaire episode originally aired, Dani was the most searched name on Google. People wanted to learn more about this self-made millionaire who was once a homeless single mother on welfare. They soon found her website and began soaking up the free information including videos and audio recordings of her calls and syndicated radio show. Thousands of people found what they needed to get themselves out of debt, increase their earnings, and become entrepreneurs. Some have even joined Dani in the millionaire ranks.

Dani’s staff regularly receives stories of success from people inspired by her appearance on the TV show. ABC even asked Dani for recommendations of millionaires for this season. Dani did not hesitate to mention a few names of people she has inspired. Can you imagine being a future “secret millionaire?” If you follow the advice Dani provides, you just might be!

One couple learned about Dani several years ago and decided to attend her First Steps to Success seminar. They had no income and were more than $280,000 in debt. Even worse, the couple had dealt with health issues including a stroke and the loss of a newborn. After attending the seminar and making another trip to attend her Creating a Dynasty workshop, things turned around for Jeff and Jennifer Usner.

The couple is now debt-free and Jeff has become a multi-millionaire and online marketing guru. The pair places high priority on giving back to those in need, helping thousands of children in distress. Their giving and entrepreneurial spirit led Dani to recommend them for an upcoming episode of Secret Millionaire. They made the cut and their episode will air in July.

Thanks to Dani, ABC experienced its most successful premiere for an unscripted reality series in more than three years. Dani caused an unprecedented upset that will be difficult for this season’s millionaires to top. She encourages them to try because she believes that giving back is important, no matter who is doing it. Tune in to see whose lives are changed this season.

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