Monday, June 18, 2012

Need To Brush Up On Prospecting And Closing Classes?

Prospecting for customers and closing the deal are two of the most important skills in the business development process. Whether you are a work at home business owner or still making the daily commute to the office, your company will not be successful unless you are a prospecting and closing dynamo. If your skills could use some refining, look no further than self-made millionaire Dani Johnson.

Dani offers prospecting and closing classes several times a year and the next sessions occur in July. Prospecting class begins Tuesday, July 24, and closing class starts Thursday, July 26. Each runs for four weeks, providing all the information necessary to become a powerhouse with prospecting new leads and turning them into customers by closing the deal. Dani is the perfect person to teach these classes because she has refined her prospecting and closing skills to earn millions.

These classes are rare opportunities to get access to personal coaching time at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one session. In addition to this face time, Dani is issuing a personal guarantee that she can increase the results attained by a select few home business owners by at least 200 percent within only two weeks. This may sound like a tall order but that is how confident Dani is that her techniques will work for you.
The best way to achieve success is to work with a mentor and what better mentor will you find than Dani? 

During the four-week prospecting and recruiting class, you will improve confidence, build rapport, develop relationship marketing skills, and become better at personal selling. The methods and techniques provided in this class work regardless of your career, business, or industry. Learn which questions to ask to identify the needs, wants, desires, and goals of others. Find out how to lead prospects to your offerings without doing any selling.

Dani makes a similar bold promise regarding success to those who attend her closing class. She guarantees she can increase the closing results of a select group of home entrepreneurs by at least 200 percent within four weeks. Dani will mentor you to experience a dramatic, exponential increase in signups, turning those leads into a goldmine. You will master some of the same skills required for prospecting, adding the ability to control the conversation and be an expert phone closer.

Both of these classes are highly interactive so there is no time to be shy. To get the most from each session, you must participate. This is your chance to get personal advice from an experienced entrepreneur who took herself from rags to riches. If you want to achieve the same level of success, you must fully invest yourself in this training.

Dani will not accept everyone into these classes. The sessions are designed for people who are already prospecting and closing on a weekly basis. Dani uses these courses to help those who are growing their businesses but need some assistance. With her help, your prospecting and closing skills will be taken to a much higher level.

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