Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Power Of The Words “I Can’t”

People realize unimagined success when they believe they can do something. On the flip side, saying “I can’t” can prevent success from being achieved. Setting yourself up for success rather than positioning yourself for failure can be as simple as removing one letter from this simple phrase. By turning an “I can’t” into an “I can,” doors open that were previously shut and locked. Insurmountable barriers disappear, making the path to a rewarding relationship, renewed spirituality, six figure income, or other goal a clear one.

Words have the power to heal or destroy, to make things happen or prevent them from occurring. What you say can determine your destiny. Though we might consider it simple to change what we say, this is often easier said than done. Many people struggle with removing phrases like “I can’t” from their vocabulary. Fear, low level of confidence, and lack of vision are some things that stand in their way. Removing these can be difficult but the result is more than worth the effort.

Success experts say that “can’t” is the same as “won’t,” which equates to quitting. When people try to achieve a goal but fall short and say they cannot, they are saying that they quit. At that point, they relinquish their power to achieve that goal, rendering themselves helpless. When faced with a roadblock, they should identify the issue and seek guidance to resolve it, if necessary, rather than throwing in the towel.

We are used to hearing children say they cannot do something. Unfortunately, many of these children retain this outlook into adulthood. They say they cannot find a healthy relationship, cannot make a work or school commitment, or cannot further their careers. This renders them powerless, making them unable to accomplish something. Instead of going down this road, they should recognize that they are always in control and act the 

On the road of life, we create the map. Whether it is filled with dead ends and do not enter signs is up to us. Though this is a bitter pill to swallow, the more important realization is that this map is not permanent. Even people who begin heading down that road are not destined to drive the route forever. At any time, they can change the course, heading for a successful future.

Change begins with creating a desirable and realistic goal, which is actually a combination of a plan and a dream. By achieving this goal, we accomplish what we once said we could not do. This makes us realize that our other goals may also be achievable. By accomplishing one after another, we change the road to our future.

Can’t is a choice, not the lack of ability, money, or time. This choice reveals what we consider important in life. The first step to make lifestyle changes is recognizing the choice we are making when we say we cannot and why we are saying this. Once we realize that the reason does not correspond with our values, we can alter our future path.

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