Friday, August 17, 2012

Placing A Value On Truth

Truth is something that most of us openly value, yet many of us lie on a regular basis. The average American will lie 11 times every week, reports one study. But, what is defined as a lie and how much difference does a small lie make if it does not involve anyone else? Can lies really affect our relationships and our health? Dani Johnson recently explored the topics of truth and lies on her syndicated radio show. Listen to the recording on her website and prepare to be shocked.

The common definition of a lie is an intentionally false statement. Notice the word “intentionally” because it is very important. The person making the statement is aware that it is not the true, yet states it anyway. According to the Bible, “It is our duty to speak the truth.” When we do not fulfill this duty, we are not only letting down others, we are also letting down ourselves. In addition, we are setting poor examples for future generations.

There are many things in our lives that can set us up to fail. Dani learned something interesting through coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people to achieve success. She discovered that the things people learned as children were the largest barriers to future achievement. Dani offers a way for parents to position their children for success and discover why they have struggled to achieve their own goals.

Parents can use Dani Johnson training to help prevent their children from falling into the lie trap. The book Grooming the Next Generation for Success offers a roadmap for parents to follow. By using the correct grooming techniques, parents can raise successful children who develop into successful adults. Dani provides a holistic approach that incorporates the financial, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional realms.

The book outlines nine basic strategies including people skills, accountability, self-image, financial responsibility, and dreams and goals. Both children and caregivers will benefit from these strategies. Parents use the techniques to instill success and joy in their children and they benefit in the process as well. The adults finally figure out why they have not managed to achieve the success they have always wanted. Equipped with values like obedience, financial responsibility, honor, and respect, success occurs naturally rather than by happenstance.

Positioning yourself as a person to be trusted begins in childhood. Adults who find themselves spreading lies should stop this behavior immediately to benefit themselves and others. Scientists say that telling lies leads to stress and is directly linked to anxiety and depression. It is never too late to break the lie chain and begin experiencing the joy and success of an honest life.

Lying is something that affects every aspect of our lives and causes us to fail. It is also something that is easy to stop doing. The sooner we stop lying, the better off our society will be. Set a good example for future generations by following the tips and techniques outlined in Dani’s radio show broadcast and her book Grooming the Next Generation for Success. 

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